What is Endodontics (Canal Treatment)?

When tooth decay occurs in endodontics, it is the process of collecting nerve tissues such as thread in the center of the tooth one by one. The damaged tooth tissue is cleaned with the endodontic method.
The endodontic method is a method of freezing the tooth. In ancient times, damaged and rotten teeth were usually extracted. However, with the advent of the endodontic method, the tooth extraction method is not applied unless it is necessary.

With the endodontic method, the damaged area with caries is cleaned. If the tooth is damaged or broken, a filling is applied to this area after the endodontic procedure. Thus, tooth loss is reduced with the endodontic method.

Endodontics is a Latin term derived from the words endo (internal) and donti (tooth). The Department of Endodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in the tissues surrounding the tooth itself, as well as the living tissues such as veins and nerves in the inner part of the tooth, which is defined as the dental pulp (tooth pulp).

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What Does Endodontic (Canal Treatment) Treatment Do?

Endodontics department physicians basically aim to preserve the person's natural teeth. For this, it tries to protect the existing tooth in the mouth as much as possible and keep it in the mouth. In the endodontic clinic, damage to the dental pulp and surrounding tissues due to reasons such as caries, fractures, infection and trauma is treated. For this purpose, the endodontist can apply root canal treatment as well as regeneration treatments to preserve the vitality of the tooth. While it is aimed to create living tissue inside the root of the tooth with regeneration treatment, it is aimed to protect the natural tooth in the mouth in root canal treatment.
• Tooth decay
• Cracked teeth
Bridge and denture
• Endodontic method is applied in deep dental caries.
The endodontic method is applied in several sessions depending on the damage to the tooth. In the endodontic method, delaying the sessions and neglecting the treatment after the first session can cause tooth loss.

How is Endodontics (Canal treatment) done?

Endodontic treatment is performed by disinfecting the cavity formed by removing the vessels and nerves in the pulp of the tooth, known as dental pulp among the people, expanding the existing canal structure and closing the gaps formed in the canals with a special filling material. In this context, for root canal treatment, first of all, the problem in the tooth should be determined by dental examination and radiological imaging methods. After the endodontic treatment is decided, the physician applies local anesthesia to reduce the feeling of pain. First of all, the caries in the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth are cleaned and the path to the pulp is created. Then, a “rubber dam” is attached to the tooth to be treated and the tooth is isolated. When necessary, the tooth is checked again with radiological imaging methods and the microorganisms in the root canal are destroyed with the help of special tools. After this process, the root canal is disinfected.

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The cleaned canal space is closed with filling materials and the upper part of the tooth is closed with a crown and the treatment process is terminated. As a result of the procedures performed during root canal treatment, the relationship between the tooth and the surrounding tissue is cut. Thus, the risk of occurrence and recurrence of a possible infection is reduced. Even if the tooth is dead after endodontic treatment, it performs the chewing function without any problems. In addition, the jawbone located under the tooth is actively used. This helps prevent jaw bone meltdown. Restoring the tooth after root canal treatment increases the life of the tooth. In other words, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment but are not restored are more fragile than healthy teeth. For this reason, the tooth is completely covered with a porcelain, ceramic or metal crown to protect the tooth undergoing root canal treatment and prolong its life. The restored tooth may be sensitive for several days following the procedure.

Is There Any Pain During Endodontics (Canal Treatment)?

People may think that there will be pain during endodontic treatment, but this is definitely not the case. The pain it will cause the most; It is as much as the pain in the filling process. Since local anesthesia is applied, the feeling of pain will be minimized. It is natural for patients to feel tenderness during endodontics. This sensitivity is caused by damage to the pulp.

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What is the Lifespan of the Endodontic (Canal Treatment) Tooth?

Root canal treated teeth; By staying in the mouth for many years, it allows the continuity of chewing function and an aesthetically beautiful appearance. A tooth with a good root canal treatment can be used for a lifetime with correct oral and dental care. Against the risk of cavities in the treated tooth, regular oral and dental care should be performed and physician examination should not be neglected.

For this reason, it is very important for a successful result that you do not delay your treatment in accordance with the procedures and dates prepared by your doctor.

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Root canal treatment may take up to a week depending on the infection status of the tooth. An average root canal treatment can take approximately 30 to 90 minutes. In some cases, for example, if there is an infection, a week wait is required before closing the tooth as the dentist will put in medication to clean the tooth.

Depending on the condition of the root canal treated tooth and how many sessions it will take to complete, the treatment and recovery period may take between 2 and 3 weeks on average.

In root canal treatment, local anesthesia is applied to the area where surgical intervention will be performed, so that the patient does not feel any pain or pain during the treatment. The needle inserted into the gum during local anesthesia gives a very light feeling like a "fly bite - bee sting" for only a few seconds.

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