What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an application that is used in cases where the teeth turn yellow over time due to smoking, coffee, alcohol, drugs, etc. It is mostly applied to beautify the aesthetic appearance and to have a safer and more hygienic smile. Bleaching is an application that does not harm your teeth when done under the control of a dentist by choosing the right drugs.

The bleaching process is called the bleaching process by applying chemical agents to the discolored teeth for the reasons we have mentioned. Whitening for aesthetic purposes is the most protective method compared to other alternatives. The integrity of the tooth does not deteriorate during the procedure. With the teeth whitening method, your teeth can be lightened by several tones.

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Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

• Developmental disorders in teeth
• Any injury to the teeth
• Food and beverages containing colorants (tea, coffee, cherry juice, red wine, etc.)
• Tobacco items such as cigarettes
• Aging
• Diseases
• Medicines, mouthwashes containing dyestuffs

How Is Teeth Whitening Made?

The oral hygiene of the person to be whitened should be ideal and there should be no stains and tartar formation on the tooth surfaces. Before the procedure, the teeth to be whitened should be examined and necessary treatments such as tartar cleaning and filling should be done.

It is done by activating the whitening gel that your doctor deems appropriate with heat or light. First of all, the external discoloration of the tooth surfaces and the tartar, if any, are cleaned by periodontal methods. Tooth surfaces are polished. The initial photograph is taken and the tone of the tooth is determined by the color scale. In order to prevent the whitening gel from touching the gums, a protective gel is applied and protective glasses are worn on the patient. The whitening agent is applied to the tooth surfaces and activated for 20-30 minutes.

The success of bleaching done in this way depends on the cause and weight of the color change. Usually, 1 session is sufficient for color changes with aging and fluorosis coloring. In case of color changes due to tetracycline, 3 or even 4 sessions may be required.

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What are the Teeth Whitening Methods?

The method of your teeth whitening treatment has options that you can decide with your dentist. As we mentioned above, teeth whitening can be done with laser teeth whitening method together with whitening agents in a single session.

Another teeth whitening method is a method that you can apply yourself, called home or office type. In this teeth whitening method, your dentist will give you a silicone mold suitable for your teeth and mouth structure, and you can apply it at home by using whitening agents. The most preferred method in teeth whitening is laser bleaching performed in a clinical setting.

Bleaching: Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is used in this process performed by the dentist. Thanks to this process, teeth that undergo color change due to intrinsic (intrinsic) reasons are whitened. In clinical conditions, very fast and effective results can be obtained.

Apparatus (tray) Application: Teeth can be whitened by attaching and applying a specially prepared dental apparatus, which is covered with a gel containing the substances used in teeth whitening, at home between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

To Whom Teeth Whitening Is Not Applied?

Teeth whitening is not applied to patients younger than 16 years old. In patients at this age, the pulp chamber and the nerves of the tooth are at their widest. If bleaching is applied, the pulp becomes irritated, hypersensitivity occurs and results that reach root canal treatment may occur.

Whitening should not be applied to pregnant women, patients with hypersensitive teeth and receding gums due to tooth discomfort, and patients who are allergic to the bleaching agent peroxide.

What Should Be Considered After Teeth Whitening?

Extreme cold or heat should be avoided for the first few days. After the procedure, each patient has a diet list to follow. Any coloring food or drink is prohibited. Especially the first 3 days are very sensitive, but ideally 1 week-10 days should be paid attention.
Products containing dark colors such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine, cherry, caramel, tomato paste should not be used for 1 week after the end of the process. Otherwise, the obtained whiteness will be returned.

Teeth Whitening Price 2022

Teeth Whitening Price 2022

The price of teeth whitening will vary depending on the method to be applied (home type or laser), the process required for whitening, the quality of the preferred bleaching agent and, if necessary, your dental or gingival treatment. For this reason, you can learn the most accurate price after discussing with your dentist and deciding on the details we mentioned.

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It is possible for the teeth to remain white permanently after laser whitening. Consumption of large amounts of coffee, tea, cola and cigarettes is not recommended for permanent teeth whitening as they cause discoloration.

The whitening application does not cause any harm to the teeth. It is a fast, reliable and effective method.

Experts state that it may be appropriate to repeat the teeth whitening application at intervals of at least 1-2 years. It should be noted that applications with shorter intervals may damage the teeth.

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