Full Mouth Dental Implants in İstanbul

We offer you full mouth dental implant treatment in Istanbul with lifetime guarantees with high standards of Class A materials and low costs. Full set implants used with is the treatment of the entire mouth with implants and bridges over implants when patient need of full mouth teeth loss or when patient need extraction of all teeth.

full mouth dental implant istanbul

It is a treatment method that provides a solution to high number of tooth losses and enables you to have a younger, dynamic and healthy smile. They integrate with the jawbone like a natural tooth and help keep the bone healthy and strong.

This method; It can be the best alternative treatment method applied to restore the comfort and function of your healthy and natural teeth.

In our dental clinic located in Turkey, an important country in dental tourism for all the world, we follow the most advanced technological treatment steps in our complete oral implant operations. In this context, we provide our patients with a smile that can be used as comfortably as their natural teeth, with high stability, natural whiteness and aesthetic appearance. You can contact us immediately for our high-quality implant treatment that can be used for a lifetime and compatible with your natural jaw and tooth structure.

Advantages of Full Mouth Dental Implants

It is prepared in a short time with zero error thanks to computer aided 3D imaging technologies.
If you are using a full denture, if you have lost a tooth completely, thanks to the full mouth dental implants you will have teeth that will leave behind the feeling of excess in the mouth caused by the prosthesis.
You don’t need extra care or replacement after a while, like some crowns and dentures. Our implants will provide such a natural feeling that you will forget their existence after a while!
You gain teeth that are as stable as natural teeth and do not move during the chewing action, offering comfort.
You can consume foods that are difficult to eat with prosthesis after complete implant treatment.
Since the full mouth implant will put your jaw structure under higher protection, your jawbone will remain healthy and strong.
The appearance of collapse in the cheeks and lip part that occurs with the use of prosthesis is eliminated.
The implants will integrate naturally with your mouth structure with human health-friendly and made entirely of titanium.
After our complete implant treatment, you can have natural-looking and aesthetic teeth.
It does not cause the problem of nausea caused by some of the poor quality prostheses.
You can benefit from a complete mouth implant in case of loss of upper or lower teeth at the same time. In this context, you benefit from comprehensive treatment for an aesthetic smile.
Lifetime guaranteed implants are permanent and create a completely natural tooth feel.

full mouth dental implant istanbul turkey

Which Dental Implant Brands Do We Use in Istanbul?

We offer our patients brands that they can use with peace of mind for a lifetime. We use world-renowned Class A dental implants and are offered to you with lifetime guarantees. Some implant brands we use;

Nobel Biocare®
Cerec from Sirona
Astra Tech

Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment Procedures in Istanbul

When applying complete mouth implants, our first procedure is to determine the model with which we will achieve a natural-looking result, and we perform some examinations to determine the condition of our jawbone.
Therefore, we perform the panoramic x-ray and CT scan in the first step.
After completing the necessary analysis and x-rays, our specialist physicians determine how suitable the mouth structure and bone volume are for full mouth dental implants.
We pre-model what kind of teeth you will have with computer aided 3D scanning and imaging technology and this gives us a great advantage.

full mouth dental implant istanbul price

After these stages, we choose titanium stent implants that will best match your jawbone.
If there is another procedure that needs to be done before the implant stage, our specialist physicians will follow the necessary procedure, such as tooth extraction.

Another of our treatment procedures is to offer a painless and acheless process for you. For this, we apply local anesthesia with or without needles before starting the operation.

After applying temporary implants, we expect your teeth to heal at an ideal level, and then we switch to permanent application. This process can also be called the ‘osseintegration’ period.

At the end of the treatment, our aim is to provide you with implant teeth that will look aesthetically pleasing, make you look younger and more dynamic, and reflect natural whiteness.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Cost in Istanbul

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of dental treatment and dental tourism compared to many European countries. Diagnosis and treatment methods in this field are applied simultaneously with the developed countries of the world in our country.

full mouth dental implant istanbul turkey price

Our clinic in İstanbul is among the most demanded treatment centers by patients coming from abroad due to its close follow-up of all developments in dental treatments, its expert team, being a health center with registered quality and competitive prices.

The cost of full set implants in Turkey is shaped according to the treatment needs of the person and the entire cost is calculated in the treatment plan. 

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    Can't recommend these guys enough, for years I've always wanted the confidence to smile and not worry how my teeth looked and dentalbosphorus has made this dream come true for me, from start to finish they made me feel so relaxed, been put up in a 5star hotel and been collected and drop back from every appointment,plus still getting messages when I got home in how I was doing, can't recommend them enough

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