Periodontology is the branch of science that deals with the diseases and treatment of the gums and the bone surrounding their roots. It enters the field of dentistry as the subject is gum and bone diseases. The tissues surrounding your teeth are made up of both hard and soft structures. These tissues are very important for your oral and dental health. Any discomfort in this area will affect your body health in general.
Problems such as inflammation of the gums and osteoporosis are the main subject of periodontology. The most appropriate treatment method is used to save the tooth and eliminate inflammation.

Periodontologists apply surgical and non-surgical treatment methods such as tooth surface cleaning, root surface straightening, curettage procedures, occlusal adjustments.

  Surgical treatment of gingival recession,
  Surgical treatment of gum growth,
  Surgical applications to treat tissue losses due to gum diseases,
  Bone grafts, membrane applications, soft tissue grafts,

 Besides surgical methods such as;

  • They clean the plaque and tartar that cause gum disease.
  • They correct the deformed gums due to genetic disease or trauma.
  • They inform patients about providing oral hygiene.
  • They treat gum infections with non-surgical methods.
  • They treat gingivitis by surgical method under local anesthesia.

Early diagnosis is very important in periodontology. For this reason, make an appointment for a periodontal examination by our experts.