Orthodontics diagnose and treat conditions that cause deterioration of tooth and jaw harmony. In addition to the disorders that disturb people in terms of aesthetic appearance, congenital or subsequent problems that directly affect life are treated.

Dentists can tell whether orthodontic work is needed by looking at a patient's dental history, taking a plaster model of their teeth, or looking at an x-ray of their teeth. When a dentist tells you that orthodontic work is needed, they can refer you to an orthodontist who can provide you with the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

An orthodontist;

- Deformities such as crooked or crooked teeth,

- Congenital and subsequent deformities of the jaw, jaw fractures,

- Congenital or subsequent structural defects in the chin caused by finger sucking or wrong feeding bottle,

- Jaw level differences due to lower or upper jaw,

- It treats jaw traumas and jaw cyst problems.

To explain briefly, we can say that individuals with perplexed or sparse teeth, missing teeth, excess teeth or buried teeth, whose teeth appear too little or too much while smiling, whose upper jaw and / or lower jaw are more or less than normal need orthodontic treatment.

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