Lamine Veneer

Dental veneers are thin laminates specially prepared according to the tooth color, designed to cover the front surface of the teeth to improve your appearance. The color, shape, size and length of these laminates are specially designed and placed on the front faces of the teeth.

Laminates can be made of porcelain or composite resin materials. Porcelain laminates have better resistance to stains and better mimic the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth.

Laminates are generally used in the treatment of stained, worn, broken, misaligned, irregularly shaped teeth with spaces between them.

Less intervention to the teeth thanks to porcelain laminates is one of the biggest advantages. Thanks to this, the shortening of the working time causes the patients to relax. Apart from this, it is seen as a more conservative treatment in teeth due to the minimum intervention. Another advantage is that it is close to natural teeth due to its light transmittance. Therefore, it becomes easier to get a natural look. There are also color options. It provides a perfect fit where teeth and gums meet. Reflection at the edge of the gum that occurs in porcelain bridges with metal support does not occur in lamina porcelain.

In addition, since there are no separate sessions such as metal rehearsal, polish, zirconium, infrastructure rehearsal, it is an application that takes a shorter total treatment time. The rehearsal of lamina porcelain is done in polished form. Since these are made in porcelain furnaces with a high degree of polish, they are resistant to abrasion. At the same time, it is not affected by substances such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, and there is no tartar on it.

Porcelain laminates in the teeth in the anterior tooth groups with coloring problem
• Irregular, crooked and curved teeth with level problems
• Separated teeth
• Old, large fillings with color problems
• Restoration of worn and broken teeth
• In cases of discoloration that could not be treated with tooth bleaching and caused by the use of antibiotics and excessive amounts of fluorine.
• If the patient is not satisfied with the teeth in terms of cosmetics, porcelain laminates can be applied.
• In such cases where porcelain laminates cannot be applied, aesthetic full porcelain coronas can be preferred.

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