Dental Treatment

Restorative Dentistry is a specialty that aims to diagnose structural defects in dental tissues caused by developmental or acquired disorders and to restore the lost anatomy, function and aesthetics of teeth by treating these diseases with operative applications.

In our clinic, filling, inlay and onlay restorations, laminate veneer restorations, fiber post / core applications in order to eliminate the discomfort in teeth with caries or loss of substance for any reason, to treat the tissue and shape anomalies of the teeth and to restore aesthetics with function, using current knowledge and technologies. It is performed by specialist physicians. In addition to these, we provide services within the framework of preventive dentistry by applying procedures for determination and prevention of caries and interventional procedures for removing tooth sensitivity and bad breath.

In the field of aesthetic dentistry, home-type or office-type teeth whitening procedures are performed on living or non-living teeth that are colored for the treatment of tooth staining. Restorative procedures are applied in order to give our patients a more aesthetic and healthy smile regarding the analysis and arrangement of the laughing line.

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