Patients can make significant savings by seeking dental care in Turkey. Prices in Turkey, in general, are not awfully cheap compared to elsewhere in Europe. However, dental treatments are much cheaper compared to clinics in Western Europe, North America, and Australia. Most patients may wonder why that is. Lower prices for dental care typically mean also a lower quality of care. That’s not the case in Turkey, a country that meets EU standards, and it’s certainly not the case with the services offered by Dental Bosphorus. We will explain below why dental care in Turkey at one of our clinics is more affordable for patients from developed countries.

Clinic Operational Costs are Low 

The main reason dental care in Turkey is cheap is that the overall operation costs, including laboratory costs and dentist fees, are lower compared to places like the UK or the US. Some estimates suggest that dentist prices in Turkey are over 55 percent less compared to Western Europe and the United States. This number can fluctuate, obviously, but in general, the costs are far more manageable in Turkey. As a result, the cost savings trickle down directly to patients, who don’t have to pay as much as in many other countries. At Dental Bosphorus, we make sure that our lower operational costs also result in lower fees for our patients.

Currency Exchange Advantage

The prices for most dental procedures, especially branded ones like All-on-4 Dental Implants, are expensive anywhere. But in Turkey, you can obtain the same procedure for fewer thanks to the currency exchange rate. 
When you pay using a stronger currency, you are mathematically paying less for the same type of service. We provide quotations in 3 currencies; English Sterling Pound, Euro, and the US. Dollar. You can compare the prices and how much a treatment may cost in our clinic versus a clinic in your native country. Patients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, and even Japan may benefit from the lower operational costs and the advantages of currency exchange.

No Inflated Third Party Fees 

In addition to our clinic operational costs, the laboratory costs and dentist fees are lower in Turkey compared to many other countries. Dentists don’t charge as much as in other countries, so even our top-notch dentists are less costly. We pay our dentists fees according to local norm, and as a result, there are significant cost savings that patients can benefit from. Dental patients are often overturned with sky-high third-party laboratory fees as well. 

Traveling to Turkey is Cheaper 

You can eat well for cheap in Turkey thanks to a variety of cheap restaurants and eateries everywhere. And the local transportation costs will not be a burden. We offer free transportation for appointments. There’s also local public transportation and non-Uber local taxis that are very cheap for tourists. The travel costs to Turkey will never offset the costs you save on your procedures. In fact, the travel fees will be minimal when compared to the thousands of dollars, Euros, or pounds that you will save on your procedures.

Free Services

Bringing your overall costs down further would be the free services our clinics provide.  Ithe initial consultation with a dental specialist will also be free of charge. Your first diagnosis will be handled in the initial consultation. It could cost you hundreds of dollars or pounds in other countries, but at our clinic, we facilitate this service for free. 

No Extra Charges

Most of the money you pay will go towards the actual dental procedure. For example, if you come in for a dental crown, the majority of the fee you pay will be spent on sculpting the crown itself, rather than on dentist charges, lab fees or anything else. In countries like the US, extra charges quickly add up because of insurance claims, assistant presence, equipment rental, diagnostic scans, and so on. As we don’t charge for diagnostic scans or include charges that are only partially related to care, patients can benefit from impressively low prices. You can save hundreds or even thousands on a treatment. 

You can compare prices between our clinic and a clinic in your native country by asking us for a direct quote.