Hollywood Smile & Smile Design & Smile Makeover In Turkey

When designing a new ‘Smile Makeover’ for our patients, there are certain factors that need to be considered to achieve the best result. This smile aesthetic is determined specifically for each person, and the person’s age, face shape, needs and desires are always taken into account.

To have perfect teeth is the dream for many today. The effects of having beautiful teeth will change a person’s psychology, in turn, changing their quality of life, giving them a more positive feeling about themselves in both business and social environments. Some will imagine having the stunning smile and dazzling teeth of their favourite movie stars!

Smile Makeover in Turkey will not only give you perfect teeth but will correct any other dental problems, and the treatment involved will also reverse the wrinkling of the facial skin and the collapse of the face muscles. While creating your perfect smile we can also alleviate any structural jaw disorders that you may have, and also improve the shape of your lips, giving you a more youthful look.

Our experienced dental physicians and technicians have been using the CEREC® machine manufacturing technology for the past eighteen years. During that time many of our patients from abroad have had their lives changed dramatically by our staff using this technology, and are so happy with their new smile! Consequently, our ‘Smile Design’ treatment is now a very popular form of treatment amongst our abroad patients.

We can offer a superb “Smile in Turkey” to our patients simply by offering the best materials available; by offering the most dedicated; experienced dental physicians and technical staff; by offering a special VIP service; and, of course, by offering the best Turkish hospitality. In most cases, your treatment can be achieved in only one visit to produce a healthy and flawless smile, and by saving 70% off the price offered in, for instance, the UK,Germany, İtaly you can go on to enjoy a wonderful holiday with peace of mind a great smile, and a great smile.

Aesthetic Dentistry / Smile Makeover or Smile Design

Aesthetic, or cosmetic dentistry is often necessary for patients with dental deformities; missing, damaged or broken teeth; teeth with cavities; abnormal colouring or staining of the teeth; and for gum disorders. These dental problems can greatly interfere with a person’s social and business life, developing reflexes such as a lack of confidence or an awkward smile response in the person concerned.

Creating a ‘Smile Design’ in our clinic

Before proceeding with our ‘Smile Design’ treatment, photographs are taken of your original teeth, with more photographs will also be taken when treatment has been completed, allowing you to compare the results.

Our specialist dentist will then take accurate measurements from within the patient’s mouth. A dental model is then prepared in our in-house laboratory. This is transferred to the computer environment, where, using ‘Mocap’ 3/D design software, we are able to create a custom ‘Digital Smile Design’ on the computer for you, before actually beginning any dental procedures. The patient’s dental problems and tooth colour are considered at this stage. The final design is then transferred to our computer linked CEREC® machine, and the patient’s new ‘Smile Design’ is prepared. This will then be tested for fitting in the patient’s mouth, and according to this fitting, adjustments will probably be made before the result is cemented into place.

Final photographs are taken of the patient’s new ‘Smile Design’, and when comparing these with the photographs taken before the procedure has taken place, the patient can see the dramatic changes that have occurred in their mouth. With their amazing new Dental Smile, our happy patients can then continue their beautiful holiday in and around Antalya!

This procedure usually takes between 2 to 6 days in our clinic, this depending on the patient’s tooth structure and the materials used.