Why should you get dental IMPLANTS IN Turkey?

Why should you get dental implants in Turkey?

*Fair prices

* Premium material

* Turkish hospitality

*Experienced doctors

* Plan the treatment together with the vacation

* Experience İstanbul

Who needs dental implants?

If you have lost one or more teeth, if you need replacement for all teeth or a prosthetic treatment, you can consider getting dental implants.

How does jaw bone breakdown after tooth loss?

Jawbones need stimulation to keep the strength and shape after a tooth loses there is no stimulation for the jawbone anymore. Over time, the jawbones become weaker. In this way, the degradation of jawbone arises. Immediately after the first year, the degradation of the jawbone is already at 25%. You can only prevent this with dental implants. Since dental implants offer stimulation for the jawbone, the jawbone will retain their shape and stay strong. Of course this has aesthetic and functional advantages.

Am I eligible for dental implants?

The most important factor is having strong enough jaw bones.

Bone graft is necessary in cases where there is not enough jawbone tissue available for an implant. In such cases ” bone graft ” maybe applied. The doctor sometimes decides if and when you need bone augmentation after the examination at our clinic. But if you have a panaromic radiograph, we can already tell if you need bone augmentation. Especially osteoporosis patients may need bone augmentation. Most patients are eligible for dental treatments either with or without getting bonegrafts.

What advantages do dental implants offer?

Not only do you feel like your own teeth, you also look that way. Compared to the classic bridge, where adjacent teeth have to be ground to support the new teeth and close a gap. When the dental implant treatment Healthy tooth substance is preserved.

From a dental point of view, one of the important benefits is: dental implants provide protection against bone loss. Due to the natural load on the bone, the face retains its profile and its natural facial expressions. Prostheses can be firmly anchored on dental implants. You save patients the disadvantages of conventional dentures, such. B. painful pressure points. For patients wearing a fully removable prosthesis, implant-supported dentures are more comfortable. In addition, the palate remains free of prosthetic material. This has a positive impact on the pronunciation. In addition, the patient gets back his natural taste again.

• The dentures do not slip or fall out
• Intact adjacent teeth do not need to be ground (no loss of healthy tooth substance)
• A prosthesis anchored on dental implants has an excellent grip, pressure sores that cause inflammation are rare
• No bone loss in the jaw.
• Unloaded bone, as is the case with the conventional prosthesis, causes shrinking in the face. The face gets an old, senile appearance with time.
• With an implant, the natural situation is restored, almost as if nothing had happened.
• Pronunciation and facial expression are positively influenced
• The mental stress often associated with wearing a removable prosthesis does not arise at all.

Do I even need Implants?

It does not matter if you have lost a tooth or the dentist has extracted the tooth. As long as it is not a wisdom tooth, a denture is required. This is not just about the look. Because of the missing tooth, it may be that surrounding teeth move. After a period of time, the temporomandibular joint can cause pain and asymmetry. And also to avoid secondary diseases, you should think of dentures.

Can I have allergies to dental implants?

Dental implants have been around for over 40 years and no intolerance is announced. Titanium material is not allergenic Therefore it is commonly used in medicine.

At what age can dental implants be used?

On average, It is possible to say at 18 years. The reason for this is bone growth. The bones in the jaw grow until the 18th year.

Until what age can dental implants be used?

There is no age limit as long as general health is good and the patient is suitable for the treatment.

How long does a dental implant treatment take? How many appointments do I have to make?
Implant placement takes about 15 minutes per implant. If you need multiple implants, the doctor can recommend several appointments accordingly.