Dental Implant Prices and Advantages in Turkey

Dental Bosphorus in İstanbul is probably the most experienced dental clinic in Turkey, and has been offering high-quality Dental Implants in Turkey for the past 5 years. We utilise the latest dental technology, such as: Volumetric Tomography, equipped with digital implant system planning software, RaySet technology for making surgical implant guides, and laser technology, to name a few.

In most cases dental implant treatment is undertaken under local anaesthesia, but for those patients who suffer from disabilities, excessive nausea, or dental phobias, our hospital has a fully equipped operating theatre where our dental physicians can operate on patients under general anaesthesia.

For those patients who have adequate bone thickness and density, dental implants can be introduced without surgery, or the need for stitches.

It is our mantra that our patients are given a perfect smile in friendly surroundings, and without suffering any unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Our clinic therefore has the use of 16 high-quality dental implants from brands made in the USA, Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. All the dental implants used and fitted in our clinic have a lifetime guarantee.

Obviously, using these high quality branded teeth implants, together with our investment in the latest technology,  excellent professional physicians and staff, and shorter waiting times compared to those offered in other countries, ensures that our clinic offers the patient a much better healthcare experience.

Whether you have one implant, or a complete makeover with dental implants, your treatment with us will be up to 80% cheaper than the UK, for instance. Without stitches, your healing time will be minimal if you have painless Computer Guided Implants, allowing you enjoy your holiday time here in the beautiful İstanbul / Turkey region, with its many touristic opportunities.

Why do patients from abroad prefer for Dental Implants in Turkey?

Dental implants in Turkey, Our dental treatment, together with the use of the very best and latest dental technology, and first-rate implant systems, is up to 80% cheaper in cost to our patients. We also offer 16 different types of internationally made implants, the most that any clinic or dental hospital can offer.

Our patients experience very short waiting times for appointments. We have the latest hygienic and sterilizing treatment technology.
‘Dental Bosphorus’ has been approved and certificated by Turkey’s, ‘Provincial Health Directorate for Health Tourism’.
We offer you peace of mind, together with lifetime legal guarantees during your treatment. We are always there for you and will support you, even after your treatment has been completed. You will remain our valuable patient and we will always be there for you for your dental health, and will continue to provide a free check up and examination facilities on every visit you make to İstanbul.
It is of great happiness to our team that we speak the same language as you. We will be with you when you arrive at our clinic, when you have your free consultation and receive your treatment plan, and when you undergo your treatment. It is our aim to take care of you, and ensure that your treatment is carried out in a harmonious, friendly and professional environment.

What is a dental implant?

When a tooth has been lost or has been removed due to decay, a metal dental implant is placed into the jawbone as an artificial tooth root. Made of titanium, and compatible with human tissues, dental implants have become a common form of dental treatment in recent years. Over time they promote regeneration of bone when implanted into the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth, creating a firm anchor for the prosthetic crown attached to the implant.

Implants come as three components: i) a titanium implant thread screwed into the jawbone, ii) the abutment, a titanium extension post attached to the implant and which supports the iii) dental crown, a new and permanent prosthetic tooth.

What are the advantages of a teeth implant?

Blends perfectly with the patient’s natural teeth
Lifetime guarantee
Unlike dentures, speech and chewing function is unimpaired
There is no risk of decay
Compared with a dental bridge, implants are easy to clean, and thus more hygienic
Treatment is performed without disturbing the healthy teeth on either side
Complete tooth loss in the lower jaw promotes bone loss, dental implants reverse this degradation
Dentures fitted to the upper jaw are uncomfortable and liable to slip, whereas implanted teeth are as stable as natural teeth
Dental implants do not cause nausea, and do not interrupt the ability to taste
Implanted teeth appear as normal teeth with no evidence of attachments such as hooks used in dentures